Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to destroy an idiot via email

Start at the bottom email. 

From: Grant []
Sent: 05 May 2014 12:25
To: ''
Cc: Liam Moore (; '';; Home Detox (; 'grant'; Richard Cordwell (
Subject: DMCA Report

Chris Knight or Chris Yiannakou whatever your current “obtaining money through deceit name is”

I have taken the liberty of responding for Liam as the website is owned by me.

You seem to be under pressure.
It would seem you keep trying to contact me indirectly when I am merely trying to get on with my life.
Go write your shi%%y report to google about a map that you own the design to? Ha ha ha ha. Yes read it again chris owns a maps design copyright. He designed the map of England? WOW!!! The reality is you cannot compete anymore and you are done. You might notice if you look but the map you refer to has been altered beyond the percentage required to take it outside of any rights you believe have. Im also very much doubting that you have a copyright for that. To be frank the maps rubbish anyway. Please report it hopefully they will remove it from my site and do me a favour. Have fun buddy!

For your information I have copied the north Yorkshire police in to this mail as im trying to work out this injunction you claim is in place. I imagine after a quick check it will be revealed no injunction exists. Maybe they could also clear up the business with the witness protection programme (that you are in for giving evidence against Abu Hamza) for me and any other future victims you look to prey on?

Further to this I have emailed CQC as you do not own a clinic at all let alone one that is regulated by them. You merely refer or run away with vulnerable people I don’t know thus not giving you the “Registered provider regulated by UK Care Quality Commission”. This is stated on the footer of – Mis-leading. Very misleading actually.

In addition to these points I will bring your attention to website again. Specifically these pages although this list is not exhausting:

All of the original content which in on these pages is owned by me. I have the original written word documents that outdate the wordpress completion time on your site website. These word documents were made on Microsoft Word in my name and on my computer. I have actually already done the homework on this Chris and yes I own the content rights to them pages. Now in your words exactly:
If the infringing content on your website is not removed in the next 24hours, I will have no choice but to file a formal DCMA complaint with Google.
*Drumroll….. this is to easy

I don’t mean to be patronising but you don’t make a DMCA report with google Christopher unless the content or item you want removing is on google. As you are maybe unaware is not google or part of a google web.2 site. I hope that’s cleared that up for you. Must be difficult. I bet all them other agencies “you blind copied in” are wondering what your talking about. They must think what an absolute idiot. He tried to look clever and he got his main point of the argument completely wrong.

That brings me onto the agencies themselves. I notice you state you BCCd the “other agencies you’re a member of”? Wow that must have taken years. It was no doubt London Underground, The 40 year old DJ club, Pilots Accadamy, Yachmasters association, Invented a database, Map Inventors, witness protection programme. Oh sorry they are all made up.

Or perhaps its these from your site “EATA | FDAP | BACP | Registered with NTA”.
Now you call them relevant. They are not even real chris – again misleading very misleading. You actually admitted to me that you made them up yourself and set up sites to legitimise them thus gaining trust in potential clients.

With regards to these pages:

Obviously I cant actually tell you to remove the content as you have an injunction against me (apparently). You keep saying I need to deal with your solicitor chris. Now I did speak to them last year and again two months ago and due to you never paying them you no longer actually even have a bloody solicitor. So sadly for you I’m going to go right ahead and report your site to the CORRECT AGENCIES involved. I have actually already been in discussions with them regarding the exact content mentioned above.

@North Yorkshire Police. Im very sorry to drag you into this and I hope you had as much fun as I did writing that email. I just want to ensure that I do get arrested if this imaginary injunction is in place. I am a law abiding citizen (now) and am unhappy that I am publicly being accused of having an injunction in place. I would also like you to keep this email on record. If you do need to check in with Chris Knight / Chris Yiannakou his last address where he was under “witness” protection was in Sandbanks (Poole). He since bounced (pardon the pun) around the county a little ending up in luxurious Blackpool.

I have also copied in relevant agencies im a member of including tesco clubcard, starbucks loyalty card, Kilnwick Percy golf club and the “5 steps above you club”. Now Chris I would advise that you go through my solicitor and my company when contacting anyone to do with Health Addict ltd as an organisation. You won’t need there contact details from me. Also did you ever set a business up or have you just not paid tax for the last 8-12 years??



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Subject: DCMA complaint with Google
Date: Sun, 4 May 2014 21:16:29 +0100
To Liam Moore,

If the infringing content on your website is not removed in the next 24hours, I will have no choice but to file a formal DCMA complaint with Google.

You have blatantly copied content and an image designed by my designer from my website

Domain name:

        Health Addict

    Registrant type:

    Registrant's address:
        78 Petworth
        Milton Keynes
        MK8 9DH
        United Kingdom

    Registrar:, LLP. [Tag = GODADDY]

    Relevant dates:
        Registered on: 17-Oct-2013
        Expiry date:  17-Oct-2014
        Last updated:  28-Feb-2014

    Registration status:
        Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

I have also BCC’d in the other relevant agencies that I am a member of.

Chris Knight
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Dumb Ass - Chris Knight