Monday, 7 April 2014

Cocaine Creeping in South Africa

South Africa has an ill reputation of drug trafficking, mostly using children and women as mules. This phenomenon has not changed until present time. From being mere traffickers, some unfortunate souls in South African have turned to manufacturing and, worse, using cocaine to the point of dependency. The drug trade in this part of the world has grown steadily worse over the years, thereby bringing the issue of cocaine addiction and cocaine rehab into the consciousness of the many. At present time, societies in this continent is slowly trying to stop cocaine and drug dependency from taking the lives of many mainly by erecting institutions that aim to proliferate information and knowledge about rehabilitation and prevention. 

Cocaine ready to snort

Where South Africa Gets its Cocaine Supply

Cocaine HCL or powder reaches the shores of South Africa from Europe and South America. Most of the delivery transactions are done through air couriers, with providers and their backers slowly infiltrating airports and air command. If not, there are different means of smuggling cocaine into South Africa. These smuggling operations have earned the attention of public and private groups that aim to rid South Africa of cocaine addiction. Concerned parties are aware that the first step of cocaine rehab involves cutting off the addicts’ supply of this harmful drug. For this reason, authorities have imposed more stringent measures for possible air-smuggling routes.