Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Allman out of Oval Mega Fight With Matthews


Allman's non title catch weight show down with Harry Matthews on the Oval has been postponed yet again because of injury. 

Allmans sparring with innocent bystanders in Barcelona
Allman has had to withdraw from the May 16 showdown with Masters middleweight champ Matthews with a hand injury. The injury was suffered when Allman stopped a nuclear terror attack with a head butt in Milton Keynes on Tuesday morning.

Allman with an impeccable record (0-0) was praised by Tory leader David Cameron in a short speech earlier today in which Cameron described Allman as "probably the bravest man ever to live". Allman himself played down the hero talk and insists he is a normal guy. Allman was quoted saying "a post man delivers letters... I deliver justice".

Allman's promoter and local hard man Chris Tatterton hopes he can reschedule the fight with Matthew's camp for later in the year but has insisted he can step up a short notice for the bout himself.

Tatterton said in a statement: "Allman stopped a nuke earlier today. I expect him to be back in the gym tommorow morning. Following specialist review and investigations over the last 1 hour he has been diagnosed with being rock hard."

"As a result of these injuries and the time required to recover he has been advised that he will not be medically fit to fight on May 16.
Matthews - Always ready

"Obviously this is a huge blow and Allman is devastated, but we have had to make the right decision for Grant Allman the fighter. We will speak with Nick Manners and hope to reschedule the bout in the near future or I will step up."

Tatterton himself has been involved in Allmans pre fight preperations. Hours have been spent doing high alltitude training on Chapel Hill and regular sparring outside Franks has been completed.

The super fight which sold out in 11 seconds was expected to see 6 million fans turn out on the oval in an event that would also feature a bon-fire and car boot sale arranged by David Windress.

Matthews trainer and mentor Nick Manners has been linked to the attack in Milton Keynes in what could be an attempt to save his fighters career. Matthews was a 72million to 1 underdog for the 12 round bout ladder and chair fight. The winner was set for a unification bout with the notorious Adam Peka who himself has missed work for two days after eating dodgy chicken legs. A broken playstation 2 was the reported purse agreement in a winner takes all event.