Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Froch - Groves Aftermath

So last weekend we saw a brilliant domestic showdown between British Super Middleweight kingpin Carl Froch and the fast rising George Groves. This fight in many people's opinion was an easy bet (including the bookies). Credit must be given to Eddie Hearn for making this happen!

So my own prediction was Groves would be stopped early. Very early and if not he would win a tight decision. What happened shocked me and I'm guessing most of the boxing world. Just before the fight Johnny Nelson was interviewing an ex boxer in the ring. This guy laughed when nelson asked who will win. He said groves has not got enough power and the fight would not last long. Prince Naseem Hamed had a similar prediction much to the crowds annoyance. Naz looked to be buzzing off some sort of drug but we will leave that for another day. I was expecting the usual comeback talk!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Methadone - Maybe not Such An Instant Fix

Heroin Addiction
Methadone Addiction
Methadone is actually a extensively utilized and well known replacement for heroin habit. When first rolled-out several pilot strategies across cultures were believed to afford excellent results. The truth of the strategies is we've seen a tremendous growth in dependence with customers often topping-up with heroin and over-zealous doctors maybe not reducing methadone medications fast enough. Several methadone junkies have been hooked to methadone for a long time remaining on an identical dosage with minimum decrease as well as in certain instances a genuine escalation in dosage because of the heroin habit.

Methadone was initially created in Indonesia in 1937. Methadone was created chiefly since the Italians demanded a dependable supply of opiates and discovered that by simply making a faux variant they decreased the need to transfer opium which was getting increasingly challenging in this interval. Methadone goals the identical opioid receptors within the mind as heroin and other opiates for instance. Methadone overdoses within America are considered around 5000 each year. Whether that is really in conjunction with heroin use it's cloudy, what is obvious is methadone doesn't are a device to quit heroin habit world-wide.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Substance Addiction – Is A Rehab Clinic The Answer?

Addiction to substances can affect anybody I know this first hand. I myself know family members and close friends who have directly been affected by addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs. Many people suffer for years without seeking or looking for help, often people are unaware they actually have a problem until it's too late. Treatment options for addiction vary worldwide and there is a huge difference in approach depending on where you go. The most common treatment with rehab clinics for addiction is a 12 step program which started out with the group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Other branch offs of Alcoholics Anonymous include narcotics anonymous (NA), cocaine anonymous (CA), sex addict’s anonymous (SLA), crystal meth anonymous (CMA)… You get the picture.

Rehab Clinics for Addiction
Rehab - The answer to your problems?
All the anonymous services listed above and others not listed work on the 12 step program. This program is based on total abstinence from the substance involved. The first step in all of these programmes is admitting your powerlessness over the substance or action involved, for many this first step is the biggest hurdle there will ever face and many end up resorting back to it time and time again battling addiction and being unable to continue life with total abstinence. One of the main issues of a programme based on total abstinence is the stigma attached to relapse and the essential loss of face in the community that you have built up during your recovery. I myself know after being in Alcoholics Anonymous for a few years and having various periods of sobriety that returning to a meeting after a relapse is very difficult and often harder than actually the relapse itself. I'm not bashing Alcoholics Anonymous or any of the above groups that just giving my point of view on the system I believe fails many people. I know Alcoholics Anonymous and the other groups have saved millions of lives. The reality is when you look at the figures from Alcoholics Anonymous or the other groups the success rate is normally described at best as around 4%.