Wednesday, 23 October 2013

UFC 166 - My Views

So on Saturday night we saw the trilogy between the current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Valasquez and the ex champion JDS. We also saw an interesting under-card that delivered in every aspect.Im in a rush so will only discuss the main event!

JDS After UFC 166
So the main event of the evening was much hyped and rightly so! A quick history on these two... They first met in November 2011 in the UFC's flagship debut on FOX. Cain held the belt and JDS took it with a 1.04 second KO of Cain. They next met in December 2012 and Cain manhandled JDS for 5 rounds beating him silly.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Hello, welcome back and all that rubbish. Today's subject is MyPC Backup that comes installed on HP laptops and probably most "out of the box" computers for sale.

Protection Racket?
I bought my HP laptop due to price and specs. As soon as I got it home I removed all of the programmes installed to "help me" such as McAffe security.... whatever - you get the picture.

So MyPC Backup for some reason made me think... "Im gonna look at this!" - It was marketed to me as part of HP's service and I assumed a genuine one. So I began my "backup"! Well after an hour I was receiving emails and pop ups advising me that my PC was not fully backed up and was likely to be hacked by a professional team of hacktivists from Nigeria. The main message was PAY PAY PAY!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Amir Khan to be next victim of P4P King Floyd Mayweather

Well... well.... well.... reports I am seeing are suggesting a fight between the hugely overrated / underrated (depending on who you hang around with) Amir Khan and the Pound for Pound king Floyd Money Mayweather is due to happen in 2014. Yes folks that's correct Amir Khan - Mayweather in 2014!

Yes I am slightly surprised. Shocked? No! This fight makes so much sense for everyone involved. All the British fans can watch the gob shite Khan get beaten by another arrogant wanker. It makes great viewing for anyone! I do believe it will sell massively. I also believe it will be the biggest disappointment of Amir Khan's Career.

Enough of my opinions lets look at the facts going into this fight. We will start with the massive favourite to lose - Amir: