Sunday, 23 February 2014

#Neknomination - Dying for a drink?

So Neknomination has spread rapidly over the last few weeks and has caught much media attention. If you don’t know what Neknomination is – It started as a drink downing competition that is filmed the placed onto Facebook nominating the next drinker. It has quickly spread world-wide and become more and more extreme. For me this trend highlights a drinking culture based on peer pressure and lunacy. I don’t know anyone who started drinking as a result of enjoying the taste… Neknomination reminds me of being 13 and downing cider in a park until I was sick to impress my mates.

#Neknominee - Victim

Thursday, 6 February 2014

You'll never believe what is hidden inside this house!

This house might well appear to be your normal Yorkshire property. However what you will find inside will shock you to the core! In an area that was ravaged by addiction and the loss of steam power under 5 years ago the turnaround has been fantastic.

This modest 2 bedroom terrace currently up for auction and its unique selling point may put a few locals off completely. Scroll down to see what is hiding in this property!