Monday, 23 February 2015

Is Cocaine in the UK even Cocaine anymore?

The question may seem stupid but is completely logical. I ask it through my own experiences with cocaine and the variants in effects, quality & price. Obviously its cut at almost every level but the real question is has much of the nation has been fooled from the highest level and sold a synthetic version.

Think about the benefits from the top level movers and day to day street dealers of cocaine:

  • Profits increase in dramatic fashion
  • Supply becomes almost endless
  • Synthetic cocaine is legal to purchase as a research chemical (legal to buy)
  • Obviously possession of synthetic cocaine carries no criminal charges (at present)
  • The resale of it is not the same offense as selling class A drugs (if labeled not for human consumption/research chemical it is completely legal to sell)
So thats basically increased profit and reduced risk - Dream combo! I wonder if people today in many areas of the UK have ever had genuine cocaine and if they have has it ever been over 5% purity. I have taken cocaine in many countries and found it to be totally different to the UK and guess this boils down to purity.

Cocaine prices in areas of the UK have dropped to as low as £25 per gram (without bulk or loyal buying). We have also seen a huge rise in "pure/power/flake" - apparently high purity cocaine. This "pure" cocaine sells for between £80 & £100 per gram. I know of testing done on "pure" in the UK that returned purity rates of 8% indicating that if £100 a gram cocaine is 8% what on earth is the purity of the £25 a gram stuff? More to the point what is filling the other 92%+ in the cocaine?

I find it common that people believe they are connoisseurs of cocaine and will scoff at this post. "I never buy shit coke blah blah blah". Many believe the "gum rub" test proves quality if your gums go numb. Well I was not born yesterday but most shops stock baby teething powder. This products entire design is to give the numbness to stop pain, much in the way cocaine was used in dentistry & Nolvocaine/Lidocaine still is. Others can tell by the smell & taste... What we must remember in this day and age of copying culture tastes & smells can be copied with synthetic substances. I ask of these experts who has actually been to Bolivia, Peru or Columbia and tried pure cocaine? You maybe are just an expert in spotting good synthetic cocaine through no fault of your own.

Is the war on drugs making drugs more dangerous (or the replacement substances at least)? Its time the war on drugs stopped and legislation is brought in to lower the risks and encourage safe using much like Holland. Drugs can be tested at many places in Amsterdam without fear of arrest. UK drug policy must change to save lives. Education and awareness is key.

Drug testing kits seems to be a growing market for business savvy folk these day. If you need help with addiction check out this site. Feel free to comment share and follow this blog.