Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cannabis Legalisation - Its logical

Cannabis is quickly becoming the debate of the century with regards to legalization or decriminalization across many states in the US and countries across the world. With such differing views and laws from place to place how is one to understand the chaos this situation is causing? The one thing that never changes are the facts surrounding its use for medicinal purposes.

Science has now proved beyond any doubt that Cannabis harbors some of the very best medicinal substances known to man. It first came to front line news in UK to treat Multiple Sclerosis via Sativex (a spray for mouth) in 2010. Now Cannabis oil is being used as an effective cancer treatment accross the world. Many activists believe it is a far more effective and subtly treatment than traditionally used chemotherapy which is know to have some of the most severe side effects of any medicine ever used besides the lethal injection.

So where does this leave your average weed smoking person in the UK? Well confused just slightly. If you look at the statistics from when Cannabis was downgraded in the UK it does show an increase in reported use. How relevant can this statistic be when measured under completely different conditions or laws in this case. The reality is Cannabis in the UK is here to stay and they will never stop it! Its imported through almost every port in the country and also now grown in large quantities indoors with a easy to buy Cannabis starter kit (HPSL, tent and some plant pots). The UK has also been the the target of very experienced Cannabis cultivators and cross breeders. The UK is now offering seeds that are know as auto flowering. This allows them to produce buds without the light conditions having an impact.

Sadly i believe the UK will keep its archaic drug laws in relation to Cannabis when they know they will never stop the supply. This creates a chain reaction of criminalization through possession that leads onto further crime and drug use. If it was not criminalized I would suggest as many as 40% of people currently caught in possession would never offend criminally in life. Sadly it seems the UK is keen to avoid anything that may help its current addiction problem.

Cannabis Laws
Great job officers you saved the world 
Portugal decriminalized all drug use as a desperate measure to save the country. In addiction they offered free rehab to addicted people. Unsurprisingly for me Portugal now near enough does not have a serious drug addiction problem.

I think the substance that needs more control is Alcohol. This lowers inhibitions and is THE gateway drug. I have first hand seen people take "harder drugs" when drunk and it was alcohol that allowed me to take other drugs without fear. The truth is the UK really needs to wake up with drugs and control them through decriminalization. Cannabis in particular would bring huge sums of tax money in as well as jobs for people currently not working.

Lets not forget Cannabis addiction does exist as does Candy Crush addiction. You can get addicted to any pattern or behavior. Not everyone gets addicted though so don't spoil the party.

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