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Complaint Handling 101 - 4 Methods to help!

Statistics released in January 2014 show that clients are extremely prone to inform on average eleven individuals concerning the issue they'd complained about if you neglect to deal with the complaint correctly in the first instance.With the increase in review sites and blogs that number could grow rapidly.

Stop the spread of negativity! 4 tips on complaint handling

In the event that a person complains, the typical client may leave and inform on average 11 individuals concerning the encounter over a 2 week period.

When people are spreading negativity about a company they tell the story very well in order for it to spread. And spread it does. Case studies on small independent UK High Street businesses showed how dramatic one persons moaning to another can almost finish off a business in the "perfect storm".

Has that got by you? Clients may inform 11 individuals in the event that you dont resolve the complaint fast, efficiently and fairly.

This figure is interesting and a way of drumming up further business through what was initially a complaint. The same study carried out on customers showed that if a complaint was dealt with well and in good timing they are likely to tell 3 times the amount of people. These figures should surely encourage companies to go over and beyond the call of duty!  BUT surprisingly many companies don't even want to think of the word complaint let alone a set process for dealing with them.

Without a good complaints procedure and staff that are prepared your clients are extremely prone to inform many individuals concerning the issue they'd had with your organization in the event that you neglect to meet up with the customers expectations.

Among the quickest and most easy ways to handle complaints better is to put in place a set procedure with timescales, specialist complaints staff and guidelines to redress payments and goodwill gestures. I have seen staff be given almost free reign with complaint handling before and must say it was a success and over the 6 months contract we saw a reduction in overall operating costs of the department even though our redress & goodwill payments had risen in amount and frequency considerably. This did create a backlash of "hat in hand" customers when Martin Lewis released an article on how we were dealing with complaints.

Continue reading to discover just how to turn complaints into adverts.

  • ONE
Solve issues as rapidly as you are able to. For sustaining devotion the quicker and better quality response works well. The more accurate and faster you are in your response the greater the probabilities with regard to repeat custom or "word of mouth" advertising. Did you know that 95% of your custom would likely remain loyal if you dealt with there concerns quickly? That's a higher return rate than if they had not complained. Once the criticism wasn't instantly solved that quantity fell to 60%. Actually the resolution response time actually has a higher effect on potential loyalty compared to quality alone. Make an effort when that's not feasible, quality responses must happen within FIVE days and to solve grievances about the initial contact.

  • TWO. 

Give Anything to Them. Test producs, deals, goodwill, along with other freebies possess a particular effect on loyalty following a complaint that could not be resolved. Many years ago we experienced a long delay through American Airlines. They offered me 7000 frequent flyers miles before I had even complained. I will now always use them or choose them if against a comparable competitor. But-don't take my word for this: research performed for that Culture of Customer Affairs Experts (SOCAP) unearthed that 58 percent of upset customers who were sent something by email within 1 hour of the delay announcement apologizing and confirming the next flight. Providing clients with symbolic products, rewards, memberships, free gifts and great service following up complaints.

  • THREE. 
Only use useful, effective and the friendliest team members to keep in touch with clients. Worker politeness and mindset are completely managed to begin restoring faith and loyalty in the company or brand using goodwill and generous redress payments. Clients calling a business having an issue wish to keep in touch with an individual who is supportive, respectful and knowing. Furthermore, workers must certainly be experienced in symbolizing the organization credibly and well during occasions of customer stress, indicating sympathy, and speaking using diplomacy. Actions and the behavior of front-line expertswill give a good indication of how the complaints are being handled.

  • FOUR. 
Motivate your individuals to compete by setting daily targets with random prizes and giveaways for resolving a compliant. I will post more about staff motivation in the coming weeks.

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This guide was created by Grant Allman. Grant was a Senior Resolutions Manager for many years and has worked at all the major UK banks and most of the big insurers. He now directs a group of companies within the Addiction industry but also has separate businesses across the UK, Europe, Africa & Australasia. Grant is able to provide workshops on customer relationships , staff management, motivational methods and much more. Press/Media please contact address provided here.

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